Local Git-/SVN-projects to Github

Introduction This year I decided to move 2 of my local Git-/SVN-projects to my Github account. The SVN-Project (mccm-project) I started in early 2012 for MCCM Feldkirch. That time I basically converted the bespoke MCCM homepage to wordpress. Later – in 2015 Continue reading

Using MapReduce in Hadoop

Introduction Hadoop actually offers a lot of ways to execute and utilize the MapReduce “magic”. MapReduce tasks (the correct terminology is Application; this means every MapReduce task is called an Application) can be written in many different programming languages. In Continue reading

Bridge Pattern

Sorry I have removed this post because I was not satisfied with it. There are a lot of great articles out there about this topic already. One article I can recommend for further reading: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/890/Bridge-Pattern-Bridging-the-gap-between-Interface