Arduino UNO – LED parallel circuit

I had quite some fun building this parallel circuit with LEDs so I decided to share it. Pay attention that I used different resistors depending on the LED color. Here you can find a good article about how to choose correct resistors for LEDs.

The LEDs and resistors I used: 
Blue LED (Superbrightleds –  RL5-B5515) – 100 Ohm
Green LED (Superbrightleds – RL5-G8020) – 100 Ohm
White LED (Superbrightleds – RL5-UV2030) – 100 Ohm
Red LED (Superbrightleds – RL5-R5015) – 220 Ohm
Yellow LED (Superbrightleds – RL5-Y5615) – 220 Ohm

The video:



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